International inbound payments


Are we going to be able to receive money from anywhere in the world when Monzo start issuing IBANs in the next few months?

(Jack) #2

I can’t see why not, I understand that’s the plan :slightly_smiling_face: :earth_asia:


It says here:

We’ll also give you an IBAN and support inbound Euro transfers to your Monzo account so you can receive payments in the next three months!

Is there any way that an IBAN might only be able to receive inbound Euro payments? Or am I reading that wrong? Is that IBAN payments from anywhere + inbound Euro payments by some other method.

(Jack) #4

from what I understand there is also SEPA for Euro payments. So you’d be correct in what you say :slight_smile:

Anyone else clarify?

(Lawrence Ferguson) #5

I can’t work out if you answered anything there or not?

The only definitive thing I can see here is:

rest is conjecture…

If there anything more definitive than I think or i understand that someone can link to?

(Jack) #6

My understanding is that there is IBAN for international transfers but then another system called SEPA for Euro transfers and Monzo will support both of these. I think @MIROW can correct me on this though, he seems to know a lot about this topic and how it works :slight_smile:


In future @Jackcrwhitney, you don’t need to tag @MIROW in any post that has the words SEPA in it…

He’ll just magically appear!

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Simple… Type in “SEPA” in the search bar of the Monzo forum or the Starling forum and anyone will find you! :joy: