IBAN and Euro accounts


Any current updates on the IBAN situation? And perhaps a Euro account for personal and joint customers.

How did Starling do it? I am sure these banks could easily get such licences or permissions.

Monzo please provide an update. Thanks!

Good luck.


No updates and no plans are announced. You’ll not get an update ‘on demand’ from Monzo either unfortunately.

Instead of creating a new topic about this it would be best advised to add your comments (and most importantly vote) into the existing one. This way Monzo can see exactly how much demand there is instead of spreading it across various topics where most will likely get overlooked.

Such helpful and friendly responses :neutral_face:

Could you be so kind to point me to the post with the most votes so that I can vote for it. Searching for IBAN and euro account yields loads of results on the forum.


You can alter the search to look for the one with most votes, which by the looks of it is this one, with 4.

And this post

“in the coming months” nearly 2 years ago. So I wouldn’t hold out much hope.


Could you elaborate on what was unhelpful about my comment please?

I explained that you’re not going to get a response from Monzo and guided you on what you need to do and why :confused:


Duplicate pre-existing topics have been linked above.