Receiving international payments - Business acc

Has anyone used an IBAN generator as a means to receiving international payments?

How reliable is it?

Not very and not recommended.

Cheers - that’s over two years old so i’m guessing slow progress!

Any suggestions? Transferwise don’t support the currencies i’m hoping to work with

Yep, I don’t think it’s even on their radar anymore because nothing has been mentioned about it since.

I don’t have experience in international transfers, other than the advice given by Monzo in that article. I opened a Starling account when I started to frequently receive foreign currency. Unless anyone on here can suggest anything else, you could look at this?

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Receive inbound international payments from European banks (SEPA)” is on the Monzo Business Account Trello board under “Coming next”, but not under “Working on it”.

This suggested that it isn’t being worked on currently, but there are plans to work on it once a few of the things in “Working on it” are completed (fingers crossed).

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Thanks. It’s not Europe I’m interested in unfortunately.

Will need to think of a workaround



Starling will give you a proper IBAN