Open Office November streaming here!

(Naji Esiri) #1

We’ll be streaming tonight’s Open Office event here from 7pm :tada:


Transparency is an integral part of what we’re building here at Monzo. It shapes how we communicate with teammates and the relationships we build with our customers. Our commitment to bring as much as possible out into the open isn’t without its challenges - how do we demonstrate these values when things go wrong?

Head of Marketing and Community Tristan Thomas sheds some light on how a transparent approach to banking has shaped some of the key milestones in our short history, a focus which continues to this day.

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(Herp Derp) #2

@naji can you please please please test the sound before the start and get some feedback as it’s been terrible lately.


Sounded like everyone was on board the rocket :rocket:

(Herp Derp) #4

Sound was ok I guess, but as above really bad background noise.

Also did anyone catch @tristan saying there were gonna move offices again, I thought they just moved?


No he didn’t say that I think :thinking: I was there.
It was good I would recommend to anyone interested in putting face to the names we all know from here on forum.

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Yes… yes he did see


I may have been distracted by the food :joy:


Yeah he did!! 220 employees though, growing fast.


That’s a pivot on their plan to open a second office in Wales or “a couple of hours from London”. Sounds like a bigger London office instead.

(Simon B) #10

It’s not an either/or scenario but nothing has been finalised at this stage. Having a bigger office in London doesn’t preclude us opening offices elsewhere. Growth has doubled in the last 6 months and will likely double again in another 6-12. We’ve already had to move some London teams into temporary working spaces at our current amount of staff, so a bigger London office is a requirement even if there weren’t further growth happening.

Offices outside London are still a consideration although locations for those places are up in the air.

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@simonb theres loads of office space near me and the transport links are so amazing as are the local amenities, oh and I am here too for the bargain price of £45k + benefits :sunglasses: :man_dancing:

(James Murray-Ferris) #12

Come to Birmingham. One of the biggest growing cities in the country and we’re having a rival legacy bank shift its head office here :wink:

(Simon B) #13

No complaints from me - I live in Moseley! :heart:

(James Murray-Ferris) #14

:rofl: see staff already there. Be the best move ever :stuck_out_tongue:

(Frank) #15

Just caught up on watching this. Thanks @tristan and all involved - it was really insightful. I liked hearing about encouraging the culture switch for employees becoming more transparent in their work.

The part about encouraging transparency on mistakes reminded me slightly about a TED Talk from Google X’s Astro Teller where he spoke about a similar culture. They encourage employees to be open to mistakes (and even bonus against failure) so that an idea doesn’t have resources needlessly thrown at it just to try and make it live.

Lets hope Bristol is on that list :wink:

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Time for me to start playing with Go…

(Daniel White) #17

Really interesting!

I noticed that when you had a transaction up in the screen the category was “Family”. Does that mean more Categories are coming soon? That would be great!


Scotland! Edinburgh please :pray: