Monzo HQ Moving - Again! (2019 redux)

So I read in the media Monzo are looking for a new bigger and better HQ. They are growing quick!

What features do you think the Monzo team would really like in their office?

  • Got to be Coral colour carpet in reception!?

Where did you read this? Can you please provide a link?

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Shark tank.

/end of discussion

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It’s behind a paywall :slightly_frowning_face:

Online banking start-up Monzo is looking to more than double the size of its headquarters in London.

Google Pay

The challenger bank has launched a search for a new site in the capital for up to 100,000 sq ft of space as it continues to grow at breakneck speed.

It has asked its long-standing agent Kontor to identify sites of between 80,000 sq ft and 100,000 sq ft, particularly in the City of London and City Fringe.

The space would be a significant step up in size from its existing London office at 38 Finsbury Square. It signed a two-year lease for 40,000 sq ft at the former Bloomberg headquarters in 2018, which it moved into from 13,000 sq ft at 230 City Road. The lease for its current office is set to expire next April.

Monzo office lead Beth Toms told Property Week : “We’re constantly growing and our team is too, so we’re now looking for more space for our amazing team in London.”

The business, which now has more than two million users, is expanding in other parts of the UK as well. Monzo recently moved into a new 15,000 sq ft office in Cardiff at 2 Kingsway Place.

In January, the online bank announced plans to create more than 300 additional jobs in the Welsh capital after it was given a £1m grant from the Welsh government to create the positions over four years.

Monzo’s search for a bigger London base follows predictions that the UK is poised to see a huge expansion of the fintech sector, both in London and the rest of the UK.

Recent figures from CBRE showed around 76,500 people work in the fintech sector in London. It predicted that this will have risen to 100,000 people by 2030.

In a presentation earlier this month, CBRE head of London research Kevin McCauley said that the UK was the global leader of the fintech market and home to 788 high-growth businesses in the sector, 71% of which were in London. France and Germany combined had just 441 businesses in this bracket, he said.

The figures contrast with the agency’s expectations for the wider financial services sector, which it predicted would shrink 1% by 2028.

“The things we know well that have powered London’s growth are being reshaped to create a new competitive advantage,” said McCauley during the presentation.

Kontor declined to comment.



At this rate, it won’t be long before Monzo moves into 8 Canada Square :joy:


Oh if that happens, I’ll so interview with them, I’d love to walk to work :smile:

Had to Google this :see_no_evil:

It’s the massive tower block that is HSBC Worldwide HQ :open_mouth:


I think they might end up here as it’s on the edge of the city, opens Q2 2020 and meets their space requirements with room to expand.

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That site was slightly terrifying. What with the flashing mugshots :joy:


An alumni?

Time was there was plenty of space there, not so much these days :grinning:

And here’s where they’ve ended up:

Three times bigger - and right next to Liverpool Street Station.


Probably explains the rather curious decor in the toilet by the presentation space!

Imagining some sort of wacky hipster haircut now!

That should please Starling. They can open the blinds on that side of their building again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That article states ‘Broadwalk House’. Isn’t it Boardwalk House?
(A friend) can’t find a Broadwalk House anywhere in that area.

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I guess someone has (understandably) conflated it with the wider Broadgate development thats dominates the area


Though now unsure if I have missed an in-joke!

I find it

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Good find - you’re right - it list’s; “Broadwalk House - Crédit Agricole Corporate Investment Bank”
I guess “Crédit Agricole” have left the building.

My friend appreciates the finding :+1:

EDIT: Although google maps still has it listed as Boardwalk House?
:musical_note: You say To-may-toe, I say Tom-ah-toe :musical_note: