Interested in our old office space? 👀

(Brenda Wong) #21

:sweat_smile: I mean, I knew that… :joy:

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #22

Let’s hold a massive cat rave! Everyone bring cats and kittens, beer and cat nip and let’s rave :cat2:

(Maike Wolstenholme) #23

Opposite Starling’s offices! :ok_hand:

(Christopher) #24

@holcam have you had a chat with the guys at I have no visibility on their internal plans but they’re just finishing up a crowdfunding round and are due to increase headcount. I think @tom is on the waiting list? And you both seem fairly aligned in values. Hello @v18n!

Just a thought…


Thanks for the shout, Chris! :+1: We are indeed doubling the current 10+ team (hiring engineers mostly). While it’s getting tight, it looks like we are set for office space until early next year. :crossed_fingers:

(Jack) #27

(Leon) #28

Right next to Starling Bank. Coincidence? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: