Interest payments to pots not included in transactions?


The current isolation situation has given me some time to play with the Monzo API. Nothing serious, just trying to create some pretty graphs and visualizations to help me understand if I’m meeting my goals, etc. Also hoping to gain some insight to how COVID-19 has affected my spending patterns.

So far so good, the developer portal was really handy to quickly extract the data without having to implement the auth flows upfront.

However I can’t help but notice that I can’t make my calculated totals from the transactions exactly line up with the balances displayed in the Monzo app though.

Digging into it a bit, it seems like interest payments to pots have no representation? Is this intentional?


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I guess because they are technically paid by a 3rd party. You are also able to dismiss interest from your transaction feed, so I would guess that feeds into why it isn’t there as well.

Personally wish there was a clearer display of interest from all months.

I have a total amount of interest but no break down monthly