Interest payments from new savings pot don't show up in google sheets

The new savings pot that replaces interest on the main balance for monzo plus is not transferring to google sheets. This potentially affects all savings pots
Details to reproduce:
receive interest on savings pot. check connected google sheets
Android 14
Pixel 7
App Version:

This isn’t a bug, it’s by design.

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This isn’t a bug, it’s infuriating.

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I genuinely can not fathom why you’d want to remove any transaction from the sheets data. You can filter out anything you want afterwards and this just limits functionality for no reason.

The reason why it’s like this is because the Sheets export was one of the original features of Monzo Plus and Premium. Since then a whole host of other features have launched with no thought from Monzo as to how they’d integrate with the Sheets export.

I used to love this feature, but Monzo’s neglect of it made me leave it behind.

There’s due to be an update on Plus and Premium soon, so maybe we’ll see this change soon.