Integration with Amex

(Joshua Dawson) #61

The Siri Shortcut calls an IFTTT webhook to move the money since IFTTT has full support for Monzo pots.

It’s a POST request to the ifttt webhook address with a payload of the amount you’re wanting to move.

The shortcut prompts me for how much to move and then confirms when it’s done.

(Dan Baker) #62

That’s really cool!

A guide to setup would be great with a link to the shortcut etc

(Joshua Dawson) #63

Ok cool I’ll put a guide together when I’m at a desktop tonight!

(Dan Baker) #64

Thank you! Looking forward to it. I know exactly how I’ll use it.

I’m sure your work will be appreciated.

(Jonathon) #65

Is it possible to be virtually turned on by you and this awesomeness? :star_struck:

(Ben Talbot) #66

Please sharee!

(Joshua Dawson) #67

Here’s the mega guide then!

You’ll need a couple of prerequisites:

  • an iPhone
  • the Shortcuts app (formerly Workflow) made by Apple from the App Store
  • an IFTTT account and the IFTTT app installed

That’s pretty much us good to go.

First, fire up the the IFTTT app. Tap “My Applets” in the bottom right and the plus in the top right to add a new activity.

You want to set “this” to Webhooks. If you’ve not set up Webhooks it’ll guide you through the process. Make sure you take note of the key that it gives you - we’re going to need that later. You can always access it again by selecting Webhooks & Documentation in your list of Services in My Applets as below:

So once you have Webhooks set up we are setting “this” to Webhooks. Then pick Receive a Web Request. We’re going to be sending an HTTP request into IFTTT to trigger our pot move. On the next page, give your event a name. This will be in the URL you use so note it down. I’ve gone for “amex_monzo”.

You’ll then be taken back to the Applet creator screen. We’re setting “that” to Monzo. If you’re adding the Monzo service then you’ll be guided through linking your Monzo account with IFTTT and returned to the screen. You need to pick the option to “Move money into a pot”.

On the next screen you can choose the pot you want to go into it and there’s an option for the amount to move. Since we don’t know the amount we’re going to move, we need to insert a variable there so that we can pass the amount through with our request. To do that, press the “Add Ingredient” button and choose “Value1”.

Confirm onward from here and you’ll be presented with your new Applet. You can give it a fancy name if you want, and now we’re ready to play with Shortcuts.

Crack open the shortcuts app and add a new shortcut. The first thing you need to add is a text box. Search for “text” and add it in.

In the box that appears, add your key from earlier. Then add a “Set Variable” and name it “key”. Next, add “Ask For Input” and give it a fancy question (i.e. How much do I need to move?) and set the input type to Number. So far you should be looking at this:

Add a “Set Variable” below the Input and set that to “varFigure”. Next, add a “URL”. This needs to be set to the following: “” where YOUR-TRIGGER-NAME is the name from the IFTTT Webhook. Mine was “amex_monzo”. Also, the latter “key” needs to be the variable we set earlier in the Shortcut. Choose that from the keyboard like below:

Once you’ve selected it you’ll see the variable as part of the URL:

Then add a “Get Contents of URL” and press the advanced button. Set “Method” to POST and dropdown “Headers”. Request Body needs to be JSON. Then Add New Field. The type is Number. The left column needs to be “value1” and the right set to the variable “varFigure” from the top of the keyboard like before. It should be looking like this:

Finally, add a “Show Result”. In there I’ve added the variable and a line confirming that it’s done. This will show when everthing is hunky dory.

In the settings of the Shortcut you can add to your widgets or you can just run away from the shortcuts app.

And then everything should work like the screenshots below!

And a quick check in Monzo to confirm…

Let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed or you’re struggling with. I’ve not really written guides before so I could’ve missed a bit.

iOS Shortcuts


Thank You!


Thinking aloud as I don’t have Amex, but I’m wondering if I variant of the following would actually automate the whole thing? This might be Android only:

  • turn on the save notifications from all apps to a Google spreadsheet applet
  • look at the Amex notifications format. If it’s simple like “you’ve just spent £10 at McDonalds” you should be able to write a quick Google formula to extract the currency amount and save to a separate sheet
  • then use IFTTT to trigger whenever a new entry to that sheet has been created - with the action to move the amount in the new cell to an Amex pot.

Is there anyone with an Amex card and a bit of IFTTT / Google Docs skills who can see if this might work?

(Joshua Dawson) #70

Why hadn’t I thought of this? I will give it a go when I get the chance

(Joshua Dawson) #71

It doesn’t appear to be possible to set up an IFTTT activity on an incoming notification :cry:


There’s an applet (on Android at least) that love the content of notifications to a Google sheet. The Monzo trigger would then be via Google Docs…

Are you using Android?

(Matt) #73

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’ll give it a go.

(Matt) #74

This is fantastic! I’ve just follow your instructions and it worked like a charm! Thanks a lot for this.

(Joshua Dawson) #75

Ah okay I’m on iOS so don’t have that option. If you can access the notifications then it’ll be absolutely possible. Depends whether the Amex app on Android notifies you of a payment like its iOS counterpart too.

(Joshua Dawson) #76

Great news! I also have another one set up that moves it from the pot to my main balance for the direct debit which is the same thing just the opposite action when you set up the IFTTT applet :+1:t2:

(Morty) #77

Mmm - definitely intrigued by this.

Does anyone know whether it’s possible to save/export notifications on iOS? I couldn’t find anything with a quick Google search so I guess it’s going to be tricky.

(Ben Talbot) #78

Now I have a widget to move my own spending into my Amex pot easily, I want one for moving my joint spending with my girlfriend from our Monzo joint to my own Monzo’s Amex pot. Only issue I have setting this up is that Monzo’s IFTTT integration doesn’t support bank transfers (or even moving money between personal and joints!) yet. I’m stumped.

Any help would be great!

(Frank) #79

Also currently I do not believe you can transfer to joint pots through IFTTT

(Ben Talbot) #80