Integration with Amex

(Dan) #81

Hello! Thanks for creating such an awesome guide. I’m a little lost with the key, when setting up webhooks I did not seem to receive a key, nor can I can documentations. Any ideas?

Sorted it. Simply a case where I wasn’t reading your instructions properly. My bad!

(Joshua Dawson) #82

So if you launch IFTTT and follow this path:

My Applets > Services > Webhooks

There will be a button at the top that says “Documentation”

Tap that and your key will be displayed. Give me a shout if you need anything more.

(Dan) #83

All sorted and working beautifully. Thank you!!!

(Dan) #84

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could use IFTTT & Shortcuts to automatically pay an AMEX bill? Or to automatically move money into an AMEX pot of IFTTT detects a payment made in AMEX?

(Jonathon) #85

Holy crap that’s amazing - THANK YOU.

How the heck did you even come up with that?!

(Joshua Dawson) #86

I’m glad it can be of use! I was playing with the shortcuts app when it got released and just had a list of things to try. I have to mess around with HTTP data a lot for my job so ultimately it helps with understanding

(Jonathon) #87

You’re my God.

(Jonathon) #88

Sorry I have a question.

On your original screenshot, you did the whole transaction from the widget screen.

I have the widget set up, but it’s a button that opens up the Shortcut app and does it from there. A pop up box, not a calculator that works right in the widget.

How do we get that?

(Joshua Dawson) #89

Interesting. I don’t think I did anything to make that happen.

Here’s an importable version of the shortcut:

It’ll prompt you for your key and the name of your webhook when you import it. Let me know if it’s still doing it with that.

(Jonathon) #90

Ah sorry man, I forgot to change the input to “Number” and kept it as “Text” - all working now :slight_smile:

(Dan) #91

Okay so what might the reason be if the money is not being transferred between pots? I’m trying to make sense of this and I can see the Siri shortcut widget, but no funds physically being transferred.

(Jonathon) #92

If your IFTTT set up to Monzo with the named pot?

(Dan) #93

Yes it is:

(Jonathon) #94

You must have gone wrong somewhere in the Siri Shortcut settings… :confused:

(Dan) #95

That’s what I suspected, but the issue occurred even after using the shared shortcut from @Josdaw

(Joshua Dawson) #96

What does your URL look like in Shortcuts?
Do your keys match?

(Dan) #97

The URL looks like this; (highlighted text is a button rather than text).

Also key definitely matches. I need to quadruple check your instructions.

Edit: I started again from the ground up. Disconnected Monzo from IFTTT and deleted all webhooks. Also removed Siri shortcut to start again and have followed instructions as meticulously as I can, and it still doesn’t work.

When I initiate the Siri shortcut, it’ll say the money has been transferred, but I open Monzo and there’s no transfer initiated.

(Sam) #98

I know this is a late reply! But do you know you can set it up so you can just transfer money over as soon as you want to pay your card off? That’s what I do its a lot easier to keep on top of your spending that way

(Sam) #99

Having played around with IFTTT on Android, I have managed to get it working so that for any Amex notifications, the amount quoted in the transaction notification is transferred into a Monzo pot. Might be a few bugs (difficult to test thoroughly without actually buying things with my Amex too much!) but it seems to be working from what I can see. I’m happy to share the setup steps if anyone is interested - it’s pretty simple.

(Dan) #100

Good idea! Would like to see the process guide for this if poss?