AMEX British Airways Card?

Hey all,

Didn’t know if anyone had any experience with the above Credit Card and it’s integration with Monzo? I moved fully Monzo around 18 months ago, from full Natwest Current and Credit Card, now I’m looking for more of a UK rewards credit card.

Has anyone got any experience with the above, or any other rewards credit card that integrates well with Monzo? The big Avios points bonus appealed to me.


Amex cards won’t integrate currently with Monzo, NatWest do.

If by ‘integrates well’ you mean the ability to see card activity within the Monzo app, then no credit card currently integrates well.

At the moment, Monzo only provides a very limited degree of integration for some credit cards (the ability to view credit card balance in the Monzo app). I don’t think it’s worth basing a decision on which credit card to go with on this limited integration.

By the time Monzo gets to a point of more useful integration (view credit card transactions inside Monzo app) I would expect Amex would be integrated or would be close to being integrated.

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Adding on to this, while you wait for better Monzo integration, the AMEX app and online account management (in my opinion) is much better than NatWest, and the customer service is worlds apart. Not to mention the AMEX cards are typically more rewarding.

I’m sure someone on here (incl. myself) can help you with a referral if you want even more points too.

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