Instant refund of contactless payment

(Ryan) #1


I’ve been using my Monzo for a week now without issue, daily contact-less transactions in Morrisons no problem - I’m testing it before I go away in a couple of months.

However today; I paid via contact less and it made the usual successful beep, so I took my stuff.
I got back to work and it stated that I paid Morrisons £16.45 and then 1 minute later they refunded me…

I’m going to go back, to discuss with their customer service team.
Can I just confirm; are they able to reclaim the refund?
I don’t want to go in there, pay it and then a few days later they reclaim it.


(Sacha) #2

I’ve had the occasional transaction where you pay and then it is credited back a minute or so later. Usually they realise the error of their ways within a few days and make a second charge for the amount within a couple of days, so personally I would just wait for that to occur.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #3

Keep an eye on it. My local Co-op does this randomly, but usually debits twice alongside a refund, so I’m out of pocket.

Firstly, tag your transaction with something like the :bangbang:️emoji, so you can quickly search for it later.

I have contacted Monzo about these in the past. The first time Monzo credited me straight away and they chased up Co-op. The second time I waited to see if the Co-op would refund me automatically. When it became apparent it might not happen I contacted Monzo, whose advice was to wait seven days for it to crinkle out. But nothing happened, and a follow-up enquiry to Monzo resulted in a transaction stuck in the system, or something, that hadn’t triggered automatically.

So keep an eye on it, and let customer services know if you want help – they’re a friendly team and my impression of Monzo has gone up due to the way they always sort problems like this.

(Ryan) #4

Thanks peeps.
I’ll have a chat to their customer services team tonight, sure it’s happened to others.
I’ll drop updates on here when things happen, in case anyone else has the same issue in the future.