Instant Digital Card

(Jolin) #21

This wouldn’t result in multiple cards being sent out. You would only be freezing/unfreezing whilst waiting for your card to arrive in the post. A hassle, and definitely not as good as having Apple Pay immediately and automatically update with a new card, but it means you can use your compromised card in some fashion before the new one arrives. Of course this doesn’t help at all if you’ve lost your card.


I know that when you cancel a card with Nationwide, your Apple Pay card is immediately updated and ready to use.

When my Nationwide card was compromised the first I knew of it was that the underlying card number changed in my Apple Wallet (and yes, I noticed when using it). I rang them up to find out what the deal was!

The replacement card arrived a few days later, and it was nice to have Apple Pay working the whole time.


Another idea they could borrow from bunq is to provide several real cards in the first place. Maybe each linked to a separate account - or do I mean goal?!

(Richard) #24

We’ll chuck a vote up… Instant digital cards people?

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(Liam Corbett) #25

Yes this is definitely something I need! my chip has stopped working on my card and the contactless element is pretty much on it’s way out aswell but I can’t replace it as i would be without a card for a couple of days with literally no way to pay for anything should an emergency happen. I understand if the cards been stolen then sure block the card but when I was with Lloyd’s they would send a card but keep the old on active whilst it was being delivered.

I’m just glad Apple pay exists or I would struggle.


Ask in-app chat if it’s possible for them to send you a replacement whilst keeping your current one active until you activate your new one.

The cards replaced due to the British Airways incident have shown this is possible.


I think this is standard practice - my card was stolen last week (and used fraudulently) and the old one was still usable until I activated the new one. I was just advised to keep the card frozen until I needed to use it.

I’d definitely prefer to instantly have a new digital card for Google pay though.

(Simon Hunter) #28

Totally agree with this. It should be the standard when you have a new account, new joint account, or need a new card sent it - it should all show instantly in the app and be available to add to Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Barclays already do this. As do starling I believe.

Starling Feedback

I love the idea of digital-only virtual cards to separate out sites and reduce costs, waste, and inconvenience due to cancelling a physical card. Another solution to sites with poor security might be to be able to require in-app confirmation for certain online sites only, for example, I trust Amazon and might allow card payments any time, but for a company I don’t use very often or for a new website I could require an in-app confirmation, thus making it a lot harder to use stolen cards.

(Rika Raybould) #30

The backend systems do know. :+1:

Last I heard, work on the concept of activating a mobile wallet card before the physical one is in progress for the Same Day Monzo project. As for automatic mobile wallet card replacements, we need to take another look at it because it should work but doesn’t for unclear reasons. :grimacing: