Initial top up differences?

Both my girlfriend and I have signed up for Monzo cards. I got the notification a week or so ago and was asked to initially top up for £25. I’ve done this and have the card (which is great by the way :smile:).

However, my girlfriend has just received her notification today and it is asking for £100 initial top up.

Whilst we’re happy to do this. Can someone explain why we are both asked for different amounts?

p.s. Feel free to re-categorise this thread as it may be by design?


My guess is you signed up using your student email address (ending, whereas your girlfriend didn’t?

This got a mention in the release notes for one of the app updates, when the change was made -

I will recategorise this one :wink:

important to remember that whatever you top up is still your money as well, and is available as soon as you get your card to spend as you please. although admittedly it is out of your control until you get your card ( usually a couple of days after top up ) :slight_smile:

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Nope. I have used my personal e-mail address

Interesting, the only thing that connects me with being a student is my NUS card. I can only assume that as I log into the NUS site with my address. I’ve received the discount?

Nothing like being a 28 year old student and still reaping the benefits :wink:


My bad :see_no_evil: thanks for the feedback.

As far as I’m aware (correct me if I’m wrong, again :slight_smile:) Monzo doesn’t ask for your NUS number & they don’t have a way to spot the link between your email address & your NUS account so it wouldn’t be that.

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I signed up with my wife recently and when we got the cards the same day, I had to to top up £100 and she only £25.
We’re both at the same address and both used gmail accounts.
I was instantly verified while she had to submit a passport photo and a selfie video(!). She has little to no credit history at this address so assume this was the reason for extra ID.
I had applepay on my phone so that was an option while she didn’t. I activated my card about 30mins before she did.

Not sure what’s relevant out of all that but I can’t think of anything else. Seemed strange to me that the more “sketchy” of us two had a smaller initial deposit but in the end it doesn’t really matter anyway, just interesting!

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We’re currently running tests in the app focusing on the sign up and on-boarding process for users; this includes top ups!

For a limited amount of time, some users will see a different screen to others. Some will be asked to top up £25, some £100. There’s no way of predicting who sees what, the different screens are allocated at random and not affected by any of the personal details you share with us.

Hope that makes sense! :slightly_smiling_face:


Some A/B testing I see :slight_smile:

Makes perfect sense. Thanks for letting me know.

Keep up all the good work Monzo! :+1:


The community were told about Monzo thinking of the differing top up amounts here - Id forgotten :slight_smile:

Signup amount


It’s interesting to see that couples are signing up at the same time, more or less. I would say that’s different to earlier in the year when, I would wager, half of a couple would sign up and then sell the other on the card.