Fail with initial 25 £ top up to receive card [Prepaid Beta]

Anyone else who have experienced this? Asking for a friend.

What are you asking?

The prepaid programme had a £100 initial top-up but that’s now closed. Current Accounts aren’t available to new users.

There isn’t a Monzo account that needs a £25 initial top-up that I’m aware.

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There was, for email addresses but only on the prepaid programme so as that doesn’t exist anymore I don’t see where this would be coming from?


Sorry, I don’t have that much information. I basically made a purchase with my Monzo at my local café and the staff asked me about it. She just said that she were not able to do the initial top up, which apparently is 25 now, but it kept failing. She is eager to get her card and I’m just investigating:)

Ah okay, she probably signed up with a address which accounts for the £25 top up.

As the prepaid programme has closed she won’t now be able to top-up and get a card. :frowning:

Closure of the prepaid card programme renders this issue obsolete.