Information on investor cards


Yes I am the same!

(Rich) #116

I’m proud to be an invester in Monzo & can’t wait to show off my new card.
Isn’t this why we invested? - because we believe in the brand? Let’s stop guilt tripping each other.

(Stuart) #117

Because I’m a snob I want a monzo premier card to tell everyone I’m rich lol! Hahahaha!


You could of invested <£10

(Rich) #119

It’s not the X factor/strictly/I’m a ‘non’ celeb
Surely a investor is a investor. Does it matter how many times you’ve invested? Next you’ll be wanting the number of shares bought on the card :see_no_evil:

(Leon) #120

Now that’s an idea! :roll_eyes:

(Stuart) #122

Hahaha don’t give them ideas



Save the environment by reducing the unnecessary use of plastic, including bank cards!
I will wait till mine reach expiry date or (hopefully doesn’t happen) credentials are leaked.

Just remember to give me an investor card in the future :wink:


Typically, how long does it take for new cards to be delivered? Upon ordering mine 2 days ago, the app said to expect it by Weds.

Has anybody received theirs ahead of time?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #125

Yep :grin: There’s been quite a few reports of card deliveries over on Slack :eyes:

You can check your ETA inside the Monzo app (just tap on “Manage Card” and you should be able to find an estimated delivery date :yum:

(Phil) #126

Got mine.

(Ben Talbot) #127

Mine came too :smiley:

(Lewis King) #128

Mine arrived and I’m SURE it’s brighter than the previous one!

(Ben Talbot) #129

Probably because you had your old one for soo long it started to fade. Mine had and I’d had it since March

(Kalinka (Pinky) ) #130

Mine is awaiting my arrival in the UK on the 19th :grin::uk::rocket:

(Sam) #131

I thought they upgraded the chips in the new Monzo cards that made the chip smaller? The investor cards have got bigger chips again!

(MikeF) #132

I guess the different card manufacturers may use different physical chip designs.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #134

When you realise your investor card hasn’t arrived and it’s Sunday :yum:

(AllanW) #135

I’m guessing it’s been raised that this image doesn’t update to say Investor?

(Is Santa here yet?) #136

Been raised but it’s not a thing they do