Incorrect Direct Debit Names

Recently I’ve had several direct debuts with the incorrect names. This doesn’t help people identify fraudulent transactions and causes undue stress.

What are Monzo doing to change this?

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Have you got an example?

Is it not a case of insurance being with one provider but then being billed by their parent company for example?

What have Monzo said when you have reported the transaction so to them as incorrectly named?

They blame customers for giving them different details yet the mandate is king at the originators name is, legally, what should be displayed. Customers can’t change that as it’s on the paperwork.

Without specifics it’s impossible to comment, really.

Which law is this?

That sounds troublesome and annoying. Do you have examples?

I remember when I first started setting up Direct Debits, it was really confusing with all the odd names and codes and information that appears and can be hard to reconcile what is valid with what isn’t.

Not sure what you mean by incorrect names though, typically it’s the legal entity that appears, regardless of what you put on the DD form? I think it is whoever you actually have the contract with they have to show - for example my car is leased through one company, but the finance agreement is actually through another.

Not much we can do here on the forum, so suggest you start an in-app chat, or phone Monzo to see what is going on?

Unfortunately I’ve tried chat but it’s of little to no use. They get a name from a customer and replicate that when it’s not right. Direct debit companies in particular are vulnerable to this. Ashbourne Management had 3 different names from Monzo none of which matched the mandate name and now the same with Anytime Fitness.

As it seems to not be reaching the right people in Monzo I was hoping this post might

They aren’t people interested and just make you fill something in via the app and it “might” get updated

Nope this was a direct debit company that was shown as 3 different names and not the name on the mandate and now Anytime Fitness again not showing as the name on the mandate (which is the franchisee) nor the club name

The law would be the banking regulations as set out by the FCA that any institution must provide accurate statements. By failing to display the name as listed on the mandate Monzo are in breach.

I should point out I love Monzo but customer services seem at best disinterested in resolving this

You can’t fill in suggestions for direct debit amends in the app. This can only be done for merchants where you’ve spent on your card.

I feel as though the person you’ve spoken to has misunderstood or sadly given you wrong advice. Either way, here isn’t the place as we’re all just customers like you. I’d suggest that you try again through the app with the hope of getting a different person.

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I don’t think theres a law to say Monzo must display the name thats on the mandate.

Anyway… the key thing is how are customers recommending the name that is shown on a Direct Debit? I didn’t think that was possible. :thinking:

Statements don’t enrich the name, but do suffix with the fact they are direct debits, so your statements will be accurate, just the enrichment in the app is clearly off-kilter.

I’ve just clicked a recent direct debit transaction, and the option is there to suggest a better name or logo. Give one a try on your own app and see. (I’m on Android btw).

I don’t have any DDs in Monzo. :expressionless:

I did before I posted. I’m on Android too :confused:

Edit: Ahhh the transaction item in your feed. I was clicking into the direct debit itself.

They are enriched but the “real” details are always provided at the bottom of the details page as far as I know so it’s an annoyance at worst. Certainly I don’t see anything worth threatening anyone over :man_facepalming:

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Direct debit transactions don’t show the “real” details at the bottom.

So what are the details shown at the bottom then???

As far as I understand the merchant submits a DDI that looks like this.

The Merchant Name whilst is sometimes filled in properly its sometimes not and if you have a long name you have to get creative to fit within 18 chars.

So as an example my HSBC mortgage they haven’t bothered and just submit

MTG xxxxxxxx

With xxxxxxxx being the reference repeated.

Now I know that isn’t a Magic the Gathering subscription, but there’s nothing to say HSBC.

Anyway, what was the issue. I can’t see Monzo accepting names which are not representative of the actual merchant.

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This is my Tesco Mobile (most recent transaction), scrolled down:

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