Inconsistent direct debit names / logos



Yep same issue with my dvla direct debit for car tax.

Definitely something going on with Direct Debits, my Barclaycard one has now changed it’s name and has a blank logo.

My tv license was fine so it’s not all

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Yeah I had 10 DDs go out yesterday, but only two had the wrong name. They all seemed to revert to the default category though, which made me confused when I consulted Trends.

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So I reported this to Monzo. Here’s my story:

  • Reported Monday 1st at 1552
  • Response at 1920 asking for details of the transactions. I replied at 1923
  • Response at 1936 saying they were passing me to their specialist team.
  • Response at 0724 (Tuesday) from someone else saying they were going to pass it to a colleague
  • At 0729 they asked me if I was able to request changes to the merchant data in the app.
  • At 0733 I said that I could do that but that the underlying merchant hadn’t changed and the history was still intact.
  • At 0734 I was told I was being transferred to the Payments team.
  • At 1402 someone from the Payments team told me that the issue happens when merchants change the data and I should resubmit through the app.
  • At 1404 I said I didn’t think it was a problem with the merchant side as I could still see the correct number of transactions and that there had been multiple reports on the community forum. I also said that my other direct debits had had their categories reset. I asked them to escalate it to an engineering team so they could assure themselves it’s not a problem with the system.
  • At 0811 (Wednesday - today) someone new took over and said “to confirm we process transaction exactly how the merchants requests” and “thanks so much for the feedback - I’ll escalate this to our product team are collecting all customer feedback and ideas so that they can be considered as we continue to update our roadmap as we plan new features.”
  • At 0812 I replied saying “So be clear, this isn’t feedback for a feature request. It’s a report that your systems aren’t working the way you think they are.”
  • At 0826 I had a response saying “Thanks for letting me know. I’ve advised the team accordingly and they’ll be able to review this further.”

I don’t like to get too cross, but any other bank would have me researching alternatives. Two issues:

  • Two days being bounced around and for someone to understand the issue is just not on.
  • Copy/paste responses without engaging in the substance of the issue - or even considering whether there might be a problem to be fixed - is really poor service.



Dan said this has been raised internally. Surely the volume of noise this sort of thing must create, that must flag something? If one person says something is broken, it might be, it might not be, but if 100 are saying the same thing, surely that warrants a ping to your Slack channel to say “Hi guys, we’re getting a lot of messages about a direct debit change. I’ve escalated to Doris in engineering and she’s going to investigate”

It seems they all operate in a silo and if you don’t know the answer, you pass it on and on and on, until you get a generic “thank you for your feedback” reply.


It’s really really poor customer service.

From bouncing it around a couple of days, to not really engaging with what the message says, to not asking follow-up questions when I mentioned that there’d been multiple reports on the forum, to not reading my message and assuming that I was making a feature request…

Truly a poor experience from start to finish (although they’ve not closed the chat so who knows if it’s over).


The only way they learn… “I’d like to make a complaint about this interaction”


I’ve done that so many times I’m not sure I have the energy.

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I did always find it bizarre that a tiny change from the merchant somehow messed up things like the logo and other merchant data however the “total/average” spend from the merchant remained in tact.

With no IT knowledge it appeared to me that there must be something consistent with all of them for that to remain true.

I’d be super keen to know what the internal processes are that see you be passed around so much. It seems almost uniquely Monzo.

Out of interest, I wonder if from a customer perspective if they just kept the same name as the original helper and didn’t tell you constantly that you were being transferred or that you were speaking to another person that would alleviate the feeling of being mugged off and passed around?

What’s baffling here is that this isn’t the case with the one. I dug out an old iPhone, used the feature not on Android, and the underlying information appears to be the same.

I suspect there’s a bigger problem. But if there isn’t, I’d quite like someone to explain what broke it (and maybe even offer to, you know, fix the names and logos for me) than brush it aside.

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Had one to Wealthsimple which is showing up as a DD to Nutmeg, which is a bit odd

I’m really sorry about this experience @Peter_G, that should’ve been so much smoother :pensive:

I’m who @Dan5 was referring to earlier in this thread, I spotted this on Monday morning and flagged this when I was free later in the day :triangular_flag_on_post:

My escalation hasn’t been picked up so I’ve given this a little nudge now :mega:it’s not clear what’s happened here or why everything went a bit wonky this month :thinking:

If / when I get any more clarity on this, I’ll drop an update here but I’m not sure exactly when that’ll be :hot_coral_heart:

My water bill, car financing and one more changed names – then 2 or 3 other Direct Debits dropped back to the “General” category instead of “Bills”… It’s odd to say the least :sweat_smile:

While I’m not glad that this has affected a bunch of customers, I’m hoping that’ll make it far easier to narrow down the cause and hopefully make sure this never happens again :grimacing:


Amazing, thanks so much @nexusmaniac

DM me if you’d like to poke around on my account!

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Completely agree there’s a disappointing customer service failure in handling your issue.

But there’s also the issue of Monzo seemingly neglecting one of their ‘killer’ features - merchant enrichment. While it may seem like ‘magic’ anyone with a little bit of knowledge of how banking systems work know this is actually a very smart, but very fragile thing that Monzo have built - they lead this and they still do it as well, if not better than the competitors.

What happened this month makes me concerned that the magic is being taken for granted. Something went wrong - and at scale (yes, also affected here!). Monzo shouldn’t need/want to wait for customer reports on this. The 1st of the month is probably the biggest day of the month for DDs. When a significantly lower percentage of transactions were matched than previous months alarm bells should have been ringing. People should have been looking at it, and customer service should have been briefed about this known issue before they even opened.


Oh yes - the issue here isn’t the poor customer service, although that’s made it worse.

I had a similar thought - I expected Monzo to have metrics on enrichment and categorisation. That they presumably didn’t and therefore didn’t catch this as an issue is alarming.

I hope someone is pulling together that data now. I imagine that there’s a whole bunch of people who haven’t noticed or have put through merchant corrections or have wrong categories…


My car tax direct debit is yearly so i’ll see in Janaury (I only use DD so it auto renews which they don’t advertise the yearly direct debit option as you get the saving from paying yearly still)

Last time it just showed with no logo then the registration plate.

The same thing happened to me a few months ago (on the same issue). It’s frustrating that we keep flagging these inconsistencies in CS replies and it still keeps happening.

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My interpretation is that they’re trying to reduce support costs and don’t care that folk like me find it disappointing.

I don’t think there can be any other explanation. Hiding the chat button also refers.

Sadly, until it starts being reflected in the excellent service survey results that Monzo gets - or there’s a marked decrease in paying customers - then I don’t think anyone will look at it.

I’m currently considering whether to stick with being a paid customer. It’s got that bad.