Ability to rename direct debits

I had a notification come through for a new direct debit yesterday - and I had absolutely no idea what it was for so got a bit concerned.

I contacted support who, as always, were extremely helpful and advised it looked like a council. Turns out it’s a direct debit for my council tax, but from the name - that’s not clear (see below).

I know this isn’t Monzo’s fault, it’s my council, but what would be awesome is if I could give a direct debit a friendly ’nickname’ so it’s clear in the app, statements, etc what the payment is. Also it would help me not forget in the future :joy:

Hi Tom,

This has already been discussed and you can vote for it here:


Thanks @PaulUK for the link to the existing feedback topic - always appreciated by CC

Closing this thread in favour of the the linked one

Welcome back to the community @Hemingway97. Do please be sure to add your “vote” to the other topic

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