Incoming transfers not showing up in spending report


On android at least, I’ve seen that incoming transfers and splitting bills do not count towards reducing the total spending amount shown.

I pay 50 pounds for a dinner for 2, and split the bill using Monzo. The other person sends me 25 pounds, and I label it as eating out. My month’s spending on eating out shows 50 pounds instead of 25.

Has anyone had similar problems?


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This is a known problem on both iOS and Android. Although not really a bug, as it is the way it’s designed however that will be changing :soon:

Yup, spending reports are designed to only count outgoings at this time.

The ability to offset spending through incoming payments such as splits, refunds, and expenses is a common request and is something the team has expressed interest in tackling over time as the product grows. Remember, this is only the first version! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this to the community though! :+1:

Some refunds do already make their way into the spending report. Active card checks that get refunded for example are included.

I have the same issue. Looking forward to this being fixed, as it messes up spending reports for the month.