Money credited showing as spent amount in budgets

In the budgets view, at the top it says £0 spent but then under Spending shows all of the actual expenses that happened that month (not £0). Under Spending it also shows money that was added to the account (by transfer from another Monzo account) - I assume this is the reason it’s showing £0 spent at the top, but it should only be showing outgoings and not incomings under the Spending section

Details to reproduce:
Device: iPhone
App Version: 3.78.0 #375


this is as intended, because the inbound counters the outbound in the summary.

If you don’t want that to happen, then go into the inbound transactions, and exclude them from summary?

I don’t think so as I transfer money into this account every month and it usually shows up under the Income section, which makes a whole lot more sense than showing money out as £0.

I think the only difference with this time is that I used the money request feature to request from my other account, so maybe that’s messing it up somehow

This will be in :slight_smile: As it’s not just an incoming transaction that’s been seen as income, you’ve requested it – which may mean it’s to counter a payment made, or finances owed etc. Requested money shouldn’t flag as income, because it’s not.