Auto transfers on PayDay

We can currently set up recurring transfers to pots on a monthly basis, with a set date as the trigger.
Monzo knows when a particular inbound payment is your salary payment.

It would be good to combine these two features together, so that we can have recurring transfers to pots triggered by inbound salary rather than date (as pay date can vary by 2-3 days, for example if payday falls on a weekend).

Example use case:

  • on pay day move £100 to a savings pot

Yes! I think this is a great idea, as having a number of scheduled transfers to pots saves a lot of time, but I always feel worried that they may try to run before my salary comes in, in such a case as you say, if payday comes in late one month.

But now you can after 4pm on the day before payday so Friday if payday is on the Monday get ur pay early.

Use IFFTT (or whatever it’s called)

The delayed payday isn’t really a scenario I’d thought about.
I actually dislike the inverse scenario: having lots of money in my account that should be in pots (e.g. savings that haven’t yet been moved because payday is earlier than normal).

Monzo’s IFTTT doesn’t support salary payments as a trigger (it’s stated to be in the future though). Specifically I’d want to ensure that any action wouldn’t trigger on any inbound payment, only on salary inbound payment (I often have non-salary inbound transactions).

However, I would strongly prefer not to use a 3rd party service for this logic, especially when it seems that all the logic exists within the Monzo system.

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here: