In the top 1000 before Sunday and no screen saying card it on it's way?

Good Morning,

Can I start off by saying I’m super excited to start using Mondo.

I read your blog about the app, esepcially this section:

If you live in the UK (and are aged 18+), and manage to get to the top 1,000 of the waiting list by this Sunday evening at midnight, we promise to send you a Mondo card (our MasterCard® Prepaid Debit card) early next week.

However excitedly checking this morning, having made it to what I believe is second (1 ahead) in the queue on Friday (days before Sunday) I was not greeted by the same screen as my fellow colleague who was has 108 people ahead of him?

Have I done something wrong?

Hey @linxlad, if it wasn’t unlocked on Friday it should be unlocked this morning :slight_smile: Hang in there. Feel free to message me if not though!

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Thanks Tristan, just excited to start using :smiley:

When you get accepted, you will have to first load it with £100 before they dispatch the card. You should get a notification when being accepted. :slight_smile: