In-app chat waiting times longer this weekend

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Hi all!

A quick update to let you know that we’re expecting waiting times for in-app chat to be a bit longer than normal over this weekend :frowning: You will hopefully see a message about this in your app if you try to get in touch!

Why? We’re upgrading literally thousands and thousands of people at the moment and people tend to get in touch with us more during that process — this is putting a significant amount of strain on our amazing customer support team and so times might be a bit longer. We’re doing our best to balance speed of upgrading everyone with customer support times to make this as smooth as possible!

Of course, if you do have anything urgent — don’t hesitate to reach out. But if it’s not super urgent, please do check the Help section of the app in case your question is already answered :slight_smile:

Hope that makes sense! We’re working hard to get back up to speed ASAP and I’ll keep you updated here.

Community Digest 17/11/17
(Herp Derp) #2

If you need any help I’m here on Sat night but will be after the pubs close though :upside_down_face:

(Jack) #3

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll probably answer a few questions if I see any pop up on here over the weekend :slight_smile:

(Francisco Carvalho Araújo) #4

If you have upgraded already to the Current Account we have prepared a doc with some simple FAQs for this weekend that might help you in the majority of the questions you have. Here it is.

We will then update our in-app help section so that you can solve all your questions without leaving the app :wink:

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