In app Apple Pay fail when on iOS Testflight

Got a new card the other day coz cash machine fail, froze old one and added new one.

Says setup card in Apple Pay at the bottom got the add to wallet then I get this screen


iOS 12 latest TestFlight

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Apple don’t let Monzo do the add to wallet thing on Testflight.


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Oh, kinda sucks… I added it straight from wallet last time, thought I’d try it this way instead now.

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Even without the TestFlight issue, in-app Apple Pay provisioning has never been reliable for me; I just set it up manually in the Wallet app now.

I only had to do it once. You sound like it’s a regular activity, what’s happening?

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I had to do it a couple of times as I reinstalled my phone, and it failed a bunch of times for me. Same thing for a friend, she ended up doing it manually using the card and Wallet app.