Apple Pay on Business Accounts


Thought I would check actually exists even though gives the option to do so :wink:

On the Business account it gives me the option to add Apple wallet, so I click said button, then click continue completes FaceID, then states Add to Apple Wallet, it then states cannot Add Card, asking to ensure using latest version.

Latest TF Version
iPhone XR

It definitely does exist! Has your card arrived with you yet? If it has, it’s worth trying to add it by heading to the Apple Wallet app instead of tapping the button in your Monzo account :crossed_fingers:

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:wave: Adding a card to apple pay in app doesn’t work on testflight apps :frowning_face:


You can attempt to add it to the wallet, but it advises you to authenticate in Monzo App but never got a verify request

Ok, so best option install standard Monzo version then add business card to Apple wallet then revert back to test flight :joy:

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I guess :sweat_smile: , can you not add the card manually in the Apple pay app?

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That happened to me I am usingTestflight. Go into Help then select Chat and when you get through to an Agent then can authorise your Apple Pay request I have it added to my phone and watch. I had to take a selfie with my card to prove who I was

See above :wink:

Cheers will try uninstall of TF version and install normal hopefully add to Apple Wallet and then reinstall TF version, if not will contact support :wink:

So added Business Card to Apple Pay Wallet :wink:

Uninstalled Testflight Version
Installed App Store version
Added card to Apple Wallet
Unistalled App Store Version
Installed latest TF Version

All working fine :wink:


I was able to add mine using the TestFlight version.

Here’s the thing: the verification alert went to my personal account’s feed. I switched account, verified the alert, then the business card was ready to use in Apple Pay.


Didn’t even think about that as clicking the verification option in the Apple Wallet loaded me straight back into Monzo Business account :wink:

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