Improve search behaviour when merchant name contains name of another merchant

Easiest to explain with a specific example, but the issue is more general…

Let’s say I want to search for transactions with Sainsbury’s Bank. When pressing space bar after Sainsbury’s Monzo makes the assumption I want to search for the merchant “Sainsbury’s”. When I then type bank the eventual search does not identify transactions with “Sainsbury’s bank”. It identifies transactions with Sainsbury’s that has the word bank in a searchable field

Attempting to use quotation marks around the search term does not affect behaviour.

There are likely multiple ways the behaviour could be improved. A couple of options:

  1. After typing the word Sainsbury’s Monzo could offer a list of all merchants that contain the word Sainsbury’s (which the user would then pick from) instead of making an assumption.

  2. If starting a search with a quotation mark Monzo could avoid trying to match words to merchants and perform a whole phrase search instead.

Yes. Have brought this up before when talking about tags.

I can see that it’s trying to be helpful but there needs to be a confirmation step or some way around it. Current implementation is not good.

Have just noticed one way around it is to avoid using space bar. But this isn’t intuitive and won’t be something people will generally try or remember


Which app version are you on? The latest (3.36.0) is supposed to have improved search in some undefined way.

Am on 3.63.0

Ah. Maybe you’ve stumbled across the “improvement.”

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You mean avoiding using the space bar?
Is that a workaround that didn’t work previously?

I’ve not used search much in the past. It’s always been a bit hit and miss in my experience.

My experience is that it’s ‘simply’ made search usable again.

For months now the app would hang and freeze and my results would take about 20-30 seconds to load. Now it actually works again.