Impossible to search “Tesco Bank” if you also have “Tesco” transactions


Searching for “tesco bank” in transaction feed seems to be impossible if you have a mixture of transactions with “Tesco” and “Tesco Bank”.

Details to reproduce:
On a Monzo account feed that includes transactions with both Tesco and Tesco Bank, try typing “tesco bank” into the search field. As soon as you type the space, the first word is auto-recognised as “Tesco” and changes style. Going on to type “bank” results in zero results (even though you have lots of “Tesco Bank” transactions in your feed), because it has already filtered to “Tesco” transactions only, and then further filtering to look for the word “bank” within those.

Interestingly, even if you use quotes, it still incorrectly auto-recognises the first word and pulls it out. There seems to be no way to search for “Tesco Bank”.

I am guessing this is the case for anyone with a mixture of transactions to companies named “Firstword” and “Firstword Secondword”. That is, for any company name that is multiple words, where the first word happens to be the name of another company in your feed, you can’t search for the multi-word name company. (This is just my speculation based on the Tesco/Tesco Bank issue I experienced.)

OS: iOS 16.3.1
Device: iPhone 12
App Version: 5.19.0


I always add an underscore “ _ “ when searching a brand that has more than one word instead of a space between and it works for me and doesn’t auto search the first word.

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