Tags being truncated when searching


I’ve decided to start using monzo more for managing my budgets, but I find it difficult to do for external payments.
For example, we use amex quite a lot (for the cash back). In order to manage that spending, we have setup a pot which is being used only for the amex direct debit. The problem is, we cannot mark pot deposits as being in a category (i.e. eating out, shopping). In order to get around this we use tags.
The workflow is as follows:

  • went shopping, spent £30 at Waitrose from amex
  • transfer £30 into the amex repay pot and add the appropriate tags (#waitrose, #food)
  • now we can search for how much we spent at waitrose, but also how much we spend on food.

This doesn’t actually work for some tags. For example, if I tag something as #ubereats, when I try to search for it, it autocompletes to actual ubereats transactions, which returns 0 results. Even worse, if I search for a tag like #eatingout, it adds “Eat.” and #ingout, which again, doesn’t return anything.

It would be nice if either we can tag pot deposits with actual categories, or stop autocompleting for tags, so we don’t end up with these weird truncated tags.

Screenshot when searching for #eatingout


Did you add a space? That’ll be why.

I can add to this that the functionality of # in a search seems to have changed, not to my preference and not confirmed as deliberate, in the last couple of weeks

It used to be that #name, for example, would find all transactions with a tag of name. Now it finds all transactions with a mention of name in the description

It also used to be that entering # would find all transactions with any tag. Now it returns nothing