Custom Repeat Schedule

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Monzo is just getting better and better, keep it up! :monzo::+1:

One improvement which would be really helpful for me, is the ability to have more control over scheduling repeat payments.

I would like to have the ability to:

  • Schedule a repeat payment to occur every 4 weeks from the start date
  • Schedule a payment to be made at a specific time in the day
  • Schedule payments using a calendar.
  • Schedule a payment to occur depending on the balance of my account

This is because I get paid every 4 weeks, and I would like the ability to move my money for my bills into another account almost immediately (Until Pots is improved then I’m 100% Monzo) after the money enters my monzo account.

Then, just before pay day, depending on what I have left over, I would like the ability to move a set amount into a savings account or a Pot of my choice.

This would be a cool feature and I think relatively simple to implement?

Make it happen Monzo :smile: :star_struck::grin::grin::grin::star_struck::hugs:

Party On! :metal:

4 Weeks at a time
4 Weeks at a time

I’d love repeat payments and committed spending on a calendar. :+1: Whether that’s within the app or a Google Calendar implementation.

(Dan) #3

I second that :+1:

(Dan) #4

Would also be cool if scheduled payments and bills comes out of a pot other than the main pot, for example “Bills” pot.

(Alexey) #5

I would find it useful to have a custom schedule, such as every three months on a specific date, or simply a set of custom dates.

(Brad) #6

I want to change to using my Monzo account from my old account, but can’t because I can’t make quarterly payments on a specific day of the month. This doesn’t seem to be all that unique. I need more granular control of scheduling.

(Tom Chambers) #7

Same here - I need ‘every two weeks’ to pay our cleaner. It’s the only payment I use another account for.

(Chun Mak) #8

I get paid every 4 weeks, as a result I do most of my finances for every 4 weeks.

Will Monzo allow us to setup budgets, transfers, payments etc. on a 4 weekly basis?

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Yes. Plenty of discussion about this on the forums, have a quick search if you’d like to know more :slight_smile:

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I found a couple of topics using " paid every 4 weeks" search in the frying pan in the top right of the screen :slight_smile:

and found this post

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This made me laugh more than it should have. Brilliant! :rofl:

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(Sameer Patel) #13

I get paid every third Friday of the month…however I somehow can’t see Monzo ever adding this as an option :grinning: …I’ll have to stick to per calendar month.

(Jack) #14

Hey all,

Moved the posts into the thread @iansilversides had linked to just to keep the thoughts all in one place :slight_smile:

(Andy Freeburn) #15

Scheduled payments is a big feature that is currently missing - massive blocker to me using Monzo full time

(Tim) #16

:wave: We’ve already done a lot of work on new kinds of payment schedules (back when we first implemented CASS). For example, our systems now support “every four weeks” and “the last day of the month, every 3 months”.

I can’t promise anything, but I think we’re hoping to update our apps to support these new payment schedules in the next few months :blush:

:calendar: We’re also thinking about extending Summary to give you the option to budget every 4 weeks :ok_hand:

(Matt Durbin) #17

This would be brilliant if you could. Plus the same on repeating payments. Then I could become full Monzo

(Shaun Watson) #18

Same here :raising_hand_man: