Custom Repeat Schedule

(Ian) #1


Monzo is just getting better and better, keep it up! :monzo::+1:

One improvement which would be really helpful for me, is the ability to have more control over scheduling repeat payments.

I would like to have the ability to:

  • Schedule a repeat payment to occur every 4 weeks from the start date
  • Schedule a payment to be made at a specific time in the day
  • Schedule payments using a calendar.
  • Schedule a payment to occur depending on the balance of my account

This is because I get paid every 4 weeks, and I would like the ability to move my money for my bills into another account almost immediately (Until Pots is improved then I’m 100% Monzo) after the money enters my monzo account.

Then, just before pay day, depending on what I have left over, I would like the ability to move a set amount into a savings account or a Pot of my choice.

This would be a cool feature and I think relatively simple to implement?

Make it happen Monzo :smile: :star_struck::grin::grin::grin::star_struck::hugs:

Party On! :metal:


I’d love repeat payments and committed spending on a calendar. :+1: Whether that’s within the app or a Google Calendar implementation.

(Dan D) #3

I second that :+1:

(Dan) #4

Would also be cool if scheduled payments and bills comes out of a pot other than the main pot, for example “Bills” pot.

(Alexey) #5

I would find it useful to have a custom schedule, such as every three months on a specific date, or simply a set of custom dates.

(Brad) #6

I want to change to using my Monzo account from my old account, but can’t because I can’t make quarterly payments on a specific day of the month. This doesn’t seem to be all that unique. I need more granular control of scheduling.

(Tom Chambers) #7

Same here - I need ‘every two weeks’ to pay our cleaner. It’s the only payment I use another account for.