Transaction augmentation service?

(Conor Hackett) #1

Hi all,

So I have just migrated to Monzo and loving it, especially how the transactions are so detailed.

I am also in the process of writing a tool to analyse my bank accounts to see where money goes… I wonder would it be possible if I could supply a CSV of my legacy accounts over the last number of months and get them augmented by Monzo.

I mean, would you guys take my CSV file and return another file with the advanced details for each transaction… would you be willing to that as a one off for customers?



I don’t think this is something Monzo would do but I wonder if it could be achieved via the API. I’m not sure if you can use their retailer database through it yet.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

As far as I’m aware, the API only gives developers the ability to create feed items, not transaction entries.

I’ve just come across this quote from Simon though, about the open banking standard & what it’ll mean for Monzo users in the future

in the meantime, I expect a manual import would be complex (mapping the columns in your csv export to Monzo’s database) & too time consuming to do on an individual basis. That’s assuming that your file even has all of the information that Monzo needs for transaction entries but hey, there’s no harm in asking :slight_smile:

(simon) #4

We’ve not got any ability to create “historic transactions” yet, but it’s something we’ve talked about. If the CMA OBS, or some kind of enhanced CASS (current account switching service) makes large quantities of historic transaction data generally available, i think we’d definitely support importing it into Monzo. /2c

Import Other Spending Information
(Conor Hackett) #5

@Simon that would be cool.

For now I’m just wondering if ye would expose the service ye have for internally augmenting transactions.

I am currently recording data to my own db and want to analyse it. It would be nice if I could submit a batch of transactions and get a response.

I am not asking that they get injected into my accounts timeline.


(simon) #6

@conor Both creating new feed items, and adding things (currently images) to existing feed items is supported already.


I don’t think it is on Android, correct me if I am wrong. Suggest Monzonauts always say in their comments or replies if they talking about Android or Apple’s iOS (or perhaps at some later date Windows 10 Phone)

(Rika Raybould) #8

This should be supported in the app now for those in the Google Play Monzo Beta channel. Not sure if this has hit the release channel yet though.


Cool. I am on the Beta so will try it out :slight_smile:

(simon) #10

Sorry, i was talking about the API. Not sure if this functionality is on Android or not yet.

(Rika Raybould) #11

To clear confusion on both sides.

Inserting non-transaction feed items from the API

On Android it delivers a notification but does not display a feed item.

For comparison, the same API call generates both a notification and this clearable feed item on iOS.

Creating and viewing notes and attachments to transaction feed items

Works on both platforms, here’s Android for proof.

After waiting 10+ minutes for Google Play to drop me out of the beta release channel, I can confirm that it is in the public “stable” release too.


Thanks for your usual excelent reply