Visualizing all your financials in Monzo - Money Management

(Vivian Lobo ) #1

As much as we all love Monzo, there might be a reason to have other accounts too (mortgage, credit cards and other loans). Perhaps have a plug into all these financials (high street banks I suppose) and get a view of all the transactions. Pulling in live transaction data from your other accounts, loans, credit cards and investments.

The high street banks will never be as good and quick as Monzo and so it does need some single place tracking.
The plugin should let us view all our bank accounts in one place and see how your money is coming in (hopefully) and going out (more likely). We already have categories in Monzo and as it evolves have the categories merged. However, have an identifier to easily id the transaction banks.

Sorry if this has been suggested, a quick search did not show up. I did not search well enough if this has already been suggested.

Some of the example services would be OnTrees Personal Finance, Money Dashboard, MoneyHub.


or Yolt which combines different banks accounts into one app.

Also the planned Tandem app is rumoured to be doing this.


The tandem app does combine cards, accounts etc, but it is a very early beta, the latest version of which keeps returning an error when it attempts to update my accounts.

The in app support is very web 1.0 - it tries to email them or you can call. The in app chat for support on Monzo is lightyears ahead.

I’m about to give up on it for a while, at least until they get touch ID based login and reliable updates.


At the moment I manage my financey things using You Need A Budget (YNAB)

This has categories and handles credit cards, gives overall net worth, has some graphs bla bla bla. While it’s good for budgeting money into categories and areas it may not be to everyone’s taste.

There’s quite a bit of work into this GitHub repository (thanks to Scott & Ross) to import Monzo transactions into YNAB using Monzo’s webhooks and a free Heroku account.


MoneyDashboard, OnTrees etc etc likely use a similar API / 3rd party service to handle the account details side, they just aggregate the information into a pretty format.

I’ve recently started digging into some available API’s to try and aggregate my own personal accounts, but so far the UK support seems quite patchy for which accounts work at any given time. I’ve found Natwest to be fairly consistent but it does have bad days for connections and sometimes needs me to add my credentials again to get it working (too much effort IMHO).

I’m hoping Monzo can lead the way for banks at least providing webhooks as a way of getting read only transaction data. I don’t mind if all banks do it differently and have different formats, either XML, JSON, QIF/OFX etc. Just as ong as the give us something!

(Zain Jetha) #5

PSD2 is coming - and I’m now wondering if the banks will actually play ball, or not.

Hopefully then, it may be possible to view other accounts in Monzo - and then perhaps Mozno could even recommend a better alternative through the Marketplace to ensure that you are getting the product which suits you best.

Shoutout to my friends at bud who currently do account aggregation and very well at that - they aim to integrate Monzo when they open up their public API after current accounts @JayC. They aim to show you a holistic view of your finances and I believe they will accomplish this mission very well, given how they well they are doing presently.