Transaction 'Grouping'

Hi, I have an idea I would like to share and see if it would be possible.

I try and use my Monzo card for all of my spending where possible but I think sometimes that the feed can be a little cluttered and difficult to track what I’ve spent on a certain event. I think it would be handy to be able to add all transactions to a group which will show on the feed with a sum total.

e.g you go on a night out and setup a group for all card payments, all transactions would show similar to how the coin jar transactions show now in the feed, a total with a breakdown available showing the amounts and merchants etc. Sometimes going around loads of different bars my maths skills get worse as the day goes on so it would be handy for a running total to be shown. This could then be turned off at the end of the night and things return to normal.


I love this idea. I’ve been on quite a few holidays recently and all my spending is just down as holidays but I would like to separate these into different groups/holidays.

Setting up dummy accounts would be a nice way to implement this.
You could maybe link all cards payments to a dummy account for a while, or even manually add payments to the dummy account, maybe even split the dummy account with others, and so on.


Both suggestions are good, dummy accounts sound like a bit more work but hopefully it is something that can be considered. Be nice just to show for example - “Night Out” or whatever it could be called and you can expand that and show a list of spending related to that night out.

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