✅ [Android] Monzo app fails to download

Monzo Bank App Fails To Downlad

OS: Android 8.0.0
Device: Samsung S8+
App Version: 2.13.1

Any help is much appreciated

Have you signed up already for an account or are you just starting now?
What stage is the app failing at?
Have you tried deleting and reinstalling?
Am I going to ever stop firing questions at you?

I already have a account which i use on my iphone but just switched mobiles today and on attepting to install the app it shows ass downloading but then after a few minutes i get a notification saying that the download failed.

Thanks for the quick response also :slight_smile:

Try the delete and reinstall first :grin:

I have nothing to delete as it does not appear on my phone.

Wifi signal’s ok?

Unless there’s staff lurking about you might be best emailing help@monzo.com or you could call the number on the back of your card

yep WIFI is fine thanks for your help will try and get in contact with them ASAP

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Sounds like an App Store / mobile connection issue to me. I’ve had this before and it’s resolved itself after an hour or so.

Like the posts above say, contact Monzo if you’re struggling :slight_smile:

May not apply, but as your statement that you ‘switched mobiles’ opens the question of if you bought a new phone, or if you’re trying on an old or second-hand phone:

How much free storage is there on the phone? When I used to get failed downloads like that it was because I’d filled the phone storage by taking too many high-res photos. Cleared them out, installed a few apps, then all was good again. Also changed the photo settings to bump the photo quality down a notch :sweat_smile: