I'm writing an essay on Monzo

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Hi guys!

I’m in my final year of university at Northumbria studying mass comms with PR. For one of my essays this year I get to choose what to write about. I have chosen to write about Monzo and how their communication affects trust, has built a community and challenges legacy banks. My title so far is “Monzo Challenging Hierarchies and Changing Precedent in Banking Communication” but this may be tweaked. I chose Monzo because I’ve been a loyal user since the beta phase and I find it so interesting looking into the language they use and why (shown in the Monzo tone of voice guide)

I’m writing this to see if anyone else here shares interest in public relations, particularly with Monzo. If you have any interesting observations, theories or academic sources related to or involving Monzo, let’s discuss it here! So far I have planned to talk about the theory of disruptive innovation and some sort of theory about trust deficit in the banking industry and how Monzo is going against this and being the most recommended bank/brand in the UK.

Thanks for you time!