I'm on month 5 as a Monzo COp! AMA!

Given the fact that Monzo ran multiple TV adverts to which they bragged about what they can do etc do Monzo now feel that this particular statement has tarnished the brand given that fact that this statement isn’t really true given the fact there are multiple threads being made about delays etc.

Hey! :wave:

Absolutely. It is something that needs to be sorted, and we are confident we’ll get it right.

Diolch! :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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Tough crowd!

What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had?

Can we have customer badges too please? Would love to see badges in the app to encourage saving or other goals.


So I’d like to point out that this forum doesn’t distract us from the main things that need doing. In my opinion, it helps create a better community and push us in the right direction.

It’s great that we get to see and hear peoples opinions on certain features, feedback for our services and suggestions for improvements. It really does feel like a community, and that is something Monzo take proudly with our values both internally, and externally.

Many of us (like myself) visit this forum, and interact with it purely in our own time, but I completely understand how it might come across differently to other people


Very tough!

To be honest, I’ve not had any unusual requests! Dealing with customers via calls and chats, is generally a pleasure and I enjoy it!

Customer badges sound great! I’ll let the team know about this one!


Love the work Monzo are doing and can’t say the wait times bother me!

Keep the top work up!

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Do you find it difficult with the open availability shift patterns to fit in a normal life outside work?

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Thanks for the kind words!:heart:

At first, absolutely.

It was a big thing for me to adapt to, but Monzo are great with this and always make sure we have plenty of time for personal time.

Now, I’ve gotten used to it and honestly, it’s nice to have that change all the time to keep things fresh and experience things at different times of the day


Say out of 100, how many customers are straight out abusive? Also does the system block swear words etc?

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Very few are abusive. The system doesn’t block out abusive words, but we are sure to remind customers that we are people and that we are only trying our best to help


Yes I myself feel confident you will sort it too! :grinning: diolch yn fawr :star_struck:

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Is there a remote COps Christmas party

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Party on Slack? charades would be tough

COps and robbers,

I meant in person for the remote COps teams to meet, but a video conference party sounds cool : )

Not that I am aware of :thinking:Although Remote COps, are of course, invited to the actual party!

Insert dancing parrot emoji :parrot:


Second off, what is one thing you thought you knew about Monzo but now you know to be madness?!

I used to think that @tom was scary. But he’s amazing :yellow_heart:

EDIT: Because of his position in the company. Not as a person :see_no_evil:


“Fishing! Gone fishing. Boxing… one-handed boxing!”

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To the point about shifts - are there specified patterns or do you have some freedom?

How do you connect to Monzo’s stuff? Do they just throw a laptop at you and it does its magic over the internet?

Are you allowed to work from places not your home if you are remote? (Like could you go to a Starbucks and work there?)

What’s your favourite thing to date about working for Monzo?