Double beds

I’m just wondering if anyone can suggest somewhere that I can buy a double bed from I’ve looked at Argos and the lower price beds don’t
Look very good I’m based in London so if anyone knows anywhere let me know

Thanks mate will check them out

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What about IKEA?

Problem with them is I don’t think there standard size are they

Yeah, they make them to standard UK size.


Ok thanks

Have u ordered from them

I have. No issues. They were reasonably priced too

Ok thanks

Feather and black?

Bought our last bed there…

We got ours from Warren Evans, as did a couple of our housemates. Aside from an odd time when the company went bust and was promptly formed again, the beds are excellent!

I can second that. Though if you only have a wooden frame, the mattress is much more important.


Mine came from Ikea on the North Circular

IKEA. And yes they do a standard UK double.

I’m also getting a new bed and will be going with an IKEA bed frame and getting my mattress from elsewhere (wanted a specific one), but IKEA mattresses are supposed to be good too.

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Ooh, we need a new mattress and our last one was from Warren Evans in 2012 - I was sad to hear that they went bust but I didn’t realise they were back!

EDIT: disappointed they no longer have a showroom. Even with free returns, I’d prefer to try a mattress first.

I can confirm this. I’m typing this laying on one of their medium firm Morgedal mattresses. It comes rolled for easy transport, has lots of support and keeps heat in really well which is great in the winter - not so much in summer :hot_face:

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Can be good

Here’s what I bought for a double bed I recently purchased:

Well worth the money!

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