Direct debit info on Recurring Payments screen

Am on Android. Currently on the recurring payments screen I can see a list of direct debits with just the company name. If I select one I get a prompt to cancel the direct debit.

I’d really like to see a few extra things here, if possible. Most importantly the last date and amount that was taken. Really handy for knowing all my bills have been paid, as I personally know when I expect them to all go out. Secondly, if possible, I’d like to see the reference the direct debit is setup with. Handy if I have more than one with the same company to differentiate them.

I’d also like an extended time frame to pay in funds before they decline the direct debit if insufficient funds are available, but have seen that mentioned here before and have discussed with CS too and I think it’s already on the future stuff list?

I find the real time notifications are really useful for this :+1:

Maybe if they all happen in the same day then this gives me the list of ones that have come out, but to tally that up with ones that haven’t been taken I’ve got to manually compare the two lists on two different screens.

And when you mix in the ones coming out on different dates, and that I probably have 15+ to keep track of, it would be nice to see this info on this screen.