IFTTT: money “in” from a merchant trigger

I don’t know whether this is possible but I know this would help me a lot as someone who gets paid every Friday evening.

It would be helpful to have a feature on IFTTT that has “if” as getting a payment from someone. What I want to do is set up so that if I get my wages, it puts a certain amount into a pot. At the minute, I’m using scheduled payments but I have to use them on Saturdays as I’m presuming it happens around midnight, so I wouldn’t have been paid yet if I set it to Friday. However, I occasionally go out on Friday nights so don’t want to have to manually sort my pot distribution before I go or think about what I can spend.

Either that or it would be nice to set a time as well as a day when scheduled transfers occur, so I could set mine to be 7pm Friday’s for example.

You can probably do this with the API. I’ve seen people messing with the payday notification to do stuff :slight_smile:

Sorry what’s the API? I’m still very new to Monzo! I’ve been with them only 2 weeks so maybe I haven’t had enough data to reach certain features yet (I haven’t got a graph)

Ahhh. It’s something that allows developers to connect with Monzo and build stuff.

If you haven’t heard the term before you won’t understand how to use it :sweat_smile:

Never mind :slight_smile: