Scheduled Pot Transfer on Payday 💸

I might be alone on this one, but me and my coworkers never get paid on a consistent date. This makes setting up scheduled transfers a bit of a pain. It’d be great if a certain payment could trigger a transfer, such as your salary!


I’ve set up an ifttt widget to move money from account on payday whenever I press the widget a fixed amount is moved from my account to my car fuel pot not sure if this would help you

Hopefully Monzo release a feature letting people set scheduled payments based on “number of days from start of new Summary period”.

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That’s a great idea! I’ve been trying to think of a way to use IFTTT with Monzo, I’ll give this a go :sparkles:

How would I get IFTTT setup to do this. Would be really handy.

Can it be done so on the day before DD it moves it back too?

New to the software lol

I’m sure you can set IFTT to look for a particular transaction so if your salary is always coming from the same place you can set it to make the transfer after it sees that deposit.

It looks like the triggers are money being spent (rather than coming in) and the Actions are moving cash to/from a pot