Automatically transfer income to a pot


Hey all,

I have a second job and want to put the weekly wage from that into a pot. Is there any way to set something up so that whenever the payment from [2nd job] goes into my account it can be automatically transferred into a pot?

(MikeF) #2

Not that I’m aware of. Your only option at the moment is a weekly ‘standing order’ type transfer for the day you get paid but that only works if the day and amount are the same every week.


Thank you. The day is the same but the income isn’t. Did look for a IFTTT, but at the moment none suit :frowning:

(MikeF) #4

Yes, there’s nothing income related there from memory. Hopefully that will change one day.

(Alex Barrett) #5

Would love something like this as well but as Mike said it seems it’s not available at the moment, holding on for when something pops up though!

(Frank) #6

I have used IFTTT/webhooks/iOS shortcuts so I now have a single widget button on my phone that moves everything into pots once I know I have been paid.

My salary does not fluctuate much so I know how much will be moved around each time.

It’s not automatic but it’s a one button process. :+1:t2:


I did look into that but my income from this jobs changes massively so I cannot say for certain how much I would get. I do transfer it manually at the moment but it would be nice if it just automatically went into a pot and I didn’t see it

(Frank) #8

Yeah it would be good if income had a category the same as outgoing does.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #9

I’m a big fan of getting into my banking app as often as I can – means I always have a handle on the money I have in the bank. Setting stuff up to trigger automatically might mean you take less active interest in your money, and lose sight of your budget and spending.

Just my perspective.


Totally understand what you mean. I check my account several times a day and always fiddling and updating budgets etc. For me, this is supplementary to my main income so I just want to squirrel it away for a rainy day or an emergency. It would be easier for me to “ignore” and allow to build up if it can be moved into a pot automatically. That way I’m less likely to think of it as extra money to treat myself with :joy: