IFTTT Integration with Monzo

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone here is having any success with using If this then that?

I’ve set up a task when I spend at a specified merchant but not having any luck with it, everything I can find on it seems to be out dated so wondering if it is still supported?


IFTTT is still supported as far as I’m aware, if you post the recipes you’re using and what you’re trying to achieve then I’m sure someone will be able to spot the problem (if there is one).

Hey, thanks for the message.

I had set it up to send a message when ever I spend at a specified merchant.

I decided to test it out by trying a different rule (uploading the transaction to a Google sheet) and it works fine. I think the error must lie with the connection to android SMS. Strangely though when I have it connected to send an SMS the recipe doesn’t even notify that it tried to run.