[Implemented] IFTTT Integration

IF This Then That is a web based automation application boasting an established collection of In and Output functions.

Connect the apps and devices you love with “if this, then that” statements.

Stripe payments currently has integration and I was wondering if Monzo had any plans for the future. It would be great if transactions automatically assigned to Company Expenses automatically triggered a notification to finance for reimbursement. IFTTT would allow for users to build custom applications to suite their needs personal or business.

You probably have a lot of other things on the road map which are much more important… Like becoming a Bank…

IFTTT could be quite fun / productive though… :slight_smile:️:ok_hand:


I’m a big fan of IFTTT, the recipes are relatively easy to work with & unlike Zapier (which also doesn’t have a IFTTT integration), they currently don’t charge once you trigger a recipe more than x amount of times per month.

This is one integration that I expect Monzo would have to set up but unfortunately, the API isn’t ready yet

from the Monzo API docs page

My guess (hope) is that this is one of the first integrations that will be set up once the API is ready, along with the TFL, Nectar etc. integrations that are due on the roadmap in 6-9 months & the launch of the bank.

Expenses are a great example of a quick win. Triggers If:

  • A target’s green, amber, red status changes
  • A new transaction is created with an attachment (photo’s) / note / category
  • A card is frozen
  • A purchase is made over a certain amount

to trigger actions for Google calendar (logging transactions), Slack (record keeping / sharing events), Gmail (email notifications), Fitbit (work off that takeaway), iOS reminders (pay that back), Google sheets (record the transaction) etc. from the 350+ channels, would be awesome, the possibilities are endless :zap:


I’d like to weigh in with additional possibilities here


  • a transaction is made at a particular merchant
  • income recieved
  • money sent/received from any or a particular contact
  • request for money received


  • send money to contact
  • transfer money to/from savings account
  • export

Bloody Google Calendars, Google Sheets, Googlemail, etc…
What about Outlook and Excel for those of us who prefer Microsoft products?

That never occurred to me despite the fact that I use both google and Microsoft products every day (at home I use Google stuff, at work I use what I’m told to). You can import a Google calendar link to outlook and get the data through that way. Same with Gmail to outlook using an auto forwarding filter.

I always use Windows and Office at home but Google sheets at work because they too tight to buy proper software :smiley:

IFTTT has channels for Office 365 (Calendar, Contacts and Mail), OneNote, OneDrive and Skype.

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This will help very nicely


How about:
If my balance at the end of the day has pennies on it, trigger a payment to a charity?


I’m a big fan of IFTTT and have often thought how it’d be really cool to have a quick trigger button to top up my :monzo: card with a tenner for example. I quite often find myself in a shop realising I haven’t topped up right at the last minute and having to do it right there at the till. I guess there could be security implications of this, however, you could just have the button and then a quick input of your pin/fingerprint scan?

Obviously, I’m not sure exactly when they are planning to integrate all the pre-paids to current accounts so this may not apply any more.

I’d love to see some IFTTT integration though!

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It’s here :tada: :grin:


This is huge! I’m looking forward to experimenting with this! https://monzo.com/blog/2018/06/07/monzo-on-ifttt/

Kudos to Monzo!


I literally signed up to IFTTT yesterday, after getting a Google Home two days ago. This is awesome!


Can someone please explain how to create a roundup applet? I can’t quite get my head around it.

I have been tinkering with Monzo’s IFTTT integration. I really like the save £1 per km ran/ridden in Strava applet. However, I have spent quite some time now trying to tweak the actual value per km. I don’t know if Monzo/IFTTT has more functions available than the maker platform but I would like the ability to simply choose an amount per km, which would then simply round to the nearest penny.

I have attempted this myself with no success so far, the maker platform only allows me to save £{{DistanceMeters}}, which is worse than £1/km.

In case the flexibility isn’t an option, I would happily take a simple addition of a £0.10 or £0.20 per km applet.

The IFTTT Integration works really nicely for fixed value amounts, is there any possibility of adding a value factor/multiplier?

This would allow IFTTT Applets to use an ingredient value to inform how much money needs to be spent/saved.

My specific example: I would like to save a custom amount of money for every km I log to Strava (the current one is fixed at £1 per km). I run regularly and would like to save 10/20p per km, to save up for running gear.

I notice that the only thing I can make myself using the platform is saving £1 per meter. Monzo has made a £1 per km, suggesting it is possible to make some alterations.

If I have simply missed a trick in my applet, I would be very eager to hear about it.

I’ve said it before, but it would be the icing on the cake for me to be able to schedule ALL remaining money from my main account to go into a pot on a certain date.

Imagine this…the day before Pay Day all remaining money in your main account moves into a Savings Pot, which means the next day when your pay goes in - you’re starting afresh.



I’ll dive in and leave a reply, but only really to re-iterate your suggestion.
I use the current one but about to turn it off as the sums are too big. I’d like it to be harder to save - e.g. use the HMRC 25p / mile amounts - but realistic. Or tweak able.

A temporary workaround is to update a google sheet with your strava distance in a cell, with a formula in another cell (i.e.B1 =A1/5000) and have a second applet that sees the update of that cell to parse it to monzo (make sure you format the formula cell to #.##).

Still hoping to see this become simpler.

Excited for new triggers

Balance & direct debit :raised_hands:

Any news when?