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will this work?

if any card purchase then move money out of (name of pot) {{AmountInLocalCurrency}} to main account ?

basically, instead of having the main amount sat in the main account, it is sat in a savings account, I know 0.15% isn’t alot, but better than nothing, so when I spend, money will then be transferred from chosen pot into the main account

there is a balance in the main account, just that the majority is in the savings account

You need {{AmountInAccountCurrency}} but otherwise yes that will work. (Local currency is before any FX rate for foreign transactions)

Just be warned though that you’ll need enough of a buffer in your main account to cover whatever your largest card transaction is likely to be - as it will transfer after the transaction has authorised.

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working fine now thanks, keeping majority of money in the 0.15% interest pots, interest is only up to £2000 max in each pot, but you can setup several, every time spent in the main account, the amount spent is taken from chosen pot

hopefully things will improve, interest rates will increase, more pots added by Monzo, monthly saver instead of a fixed yearly term? monthly amount chosen by account holder? instead of banks who set a monthly amount

i.e. I can afford to put in say £1000 a month into a monthly saver, but not £12k in one go into a 1 year fixed term

I’m assuming the missing creations from the list above are due to the IFTTT changes for premium accounts :thinking:

Can it be tidied up? Was looking for the move money upon spending on groceries but that’s now vanished from the service altogether from the looks of it.

Does anyone know what happened to the other ifttt threads? They had loads of useful info and they are still showing up in parts of the forum (unread/similar topics/suggested topics) - have they been removed or is it a forum bug?


That’s so weird. Wonder if there’s some bigger goings off with Monzo and IFTTT that would prompt them to hide them?

OOoooooo still in search too :face_with_monocle:

@AlanDoe can you help please?

You’ve got to be on platinum plus plus to access that level of forum :thinking:

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Oooh, hopefully by speculating wildly they’ll have to tell us!

Me first: Following the wild success of their IFTTT Pro paid tier, IFTTT are acquiring Monzo “because they have really nice stufff”

Is there an Applet that will maintain whole £’s on my current account - not just from a card purchase. eg: If I receive a refund - or transfer an odd amount into a pot - such as £12.46; can the balance of the change go 0.54p using IFTT to move into a Pot

It would quite useful

I think the only way to achieve that, would be in conjunction with the Google Sheets data export, in Plus

Long story short, IFTTT has no way of “knowing” your balance, so you need to keep track of it somewhere.

You can set a Google Sheet up to track your balance, which updates in real time, with a cell that monitors how many £ you need to “round up” to the next whole amount.

You can then trigger IFTTT on “when google sheets changes”, and pass it that amount.

It’s a bit of faff though, but I think that’s the only viable way at the moment.

Many Thanks for such a swift response

It does seem like a bit of a faff - Ill check out Google Sheets - but it seems like a non starter

Thanks again

It’s not too complex, and I think I’ve documented the steps to do it on the forum before (when I get the chance I’ll look for a link)

Maybe about 30 mins tops to set it up.

Awesome. That is very kind of you


So a couple of links;

Here’s one explaining the idea of using summary/calculations in Monzo Plus Data Export to Google Sheets:

The top half is for a different formula, but similar concept. The bottom half talks about the IFTTT bit.

The same thread then has other good ideas for the Google Sheets thing, and if you keep scrolling past ^ link, you can see some other IFTTT example along a similar theme.

In your case, the formula would be super straight forward; it’s just basically a SUM of all your transactions, and using ROUND to work out the difference to the next £.

See how you get on, but I can come back and help with the formula to do so if it’s of use :slight_smile:

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So long fair well and all that


So basically any custom applet made through Platform won’t work in IFTTT free?

Pretty much kills IFTTT dead for me.

They work, but you can’t create new ones or edit existing ones.


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