IFTTT Applet help!


I’m chronically late to work (start at 8:30 and walk in at 8:31 everyday, not major, but I should be there early to get myself in order and ready to BEGIN work at 8:30.

I wonder if anyone could help me put together an applet that would work as

“If I’m not in x location by 8:20 Monday-Friday move £3 into pot “late fines””

That gives me 10 minutes to get from my car to the ward :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can do that easily.

IFTTT uses two things, you want three.


  • Location
  • At a time


  • Monzo

Ah yea this is where I’m struggling! I’ve got it set up so just arriving at work is a £3 fine haha. Absolutely not what I need.

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Would tapping an NFC tag on the desk and if after 8.30= fine , work?

Hmmmm potentially! I need to acquire an NFC tag…

They aren’t expensive at all,

Maybe (if it works) trigger it when you connect to work’s WiFi, as if it was me I’d be tempted not to tap the NFC tag when I’m late.