If you haven't moved over, what's stopping you from making Monzo your main bank?

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I heard it wasn’t going to make the deadline of the big list which is in a week or so.
But you’ve now sparked my curiosity!

I reckon he’s just referring to the fact the user will switch to Monzo when it arrives, the feature is obviously happening so it’s a deal :slight_smile:

I do hope it’s tomorrow now though :see_no_evil:

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Slightly off topic, but they’ve tightened up on this FYI. Requirement is for at least £1000 to remain (sourced from a non-FD account) to avoid charges in the absence of regular payments exceeding £2k.


Oh dear. Bad the First Direct. :crying_cat_face:

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Tell me about it! Bitter first-hand experience here… I’m currently transitioning to Monzo but was keen to retain my FD account for cheques / cash deposits. Leaving £1,000 in savings seems to be the only way of doing this whilst avoiding fees.


Oh, First Direct, the king of telephone banking.

The are just HSBC dressed in the 90s clothing :joy::joy::joy:

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I can’t fault their customer service for a second in their defence. They have been a brilliant bank for us over the last 5 years or so (and for me independently for a number of years prior to that). They just don’t offer much of the functionality that I find myself wanting / needing here in 2018 :pensive:

A shame really, for such a pioneering bank when they launched its disappointing they haven’t maintained their dynamism as they’ve grown. Again though; from a customer service perspective they are outstanding…

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If interest comes tomorrow I’ll be switching via CASS straight away


Customer service alone will not win you customers but a great product without good customer service guarantees failure.

I wonder if at some point FD had separated from HSBC, then more creative thinking would’ve been allowed and some progressive changes could’ve been implemented.

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Unless legacy rust comes in the way that is. As far as I know First Direct is still legacy, they just have competent people on the phone.


Interesting thread:


Interesting conversation, thanks for linking it! :grin:

It seems that a lot of people are using Monzo as an account for discretionary spending :cry: and full Monzo thing might not be what everyone wants!

I guess turning card top ups off would help them to do decent thing and go full Monzo :joy:

It is quite refreshing to get away from fintech forums and see what an average person thinks about challenger banks.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi I’m currently using Starling and Monzo but would rather go full Monzo, the only thing stopping me changing is Monzo’s UI.
It’s fine but just not smooth enough nor does it seem very polished. I keep trying to use Monzo but always go back to Starling for day to day stuff for this one reason.
Just looks and feels a little better. If Monzo update this then i’ll go full Monzo in a heartbeat

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I guess UI preference is problematic.

I didn’t like Starling’s one bit, seemed very cluttered and unintuitive.

But that’s my opinion on it. Monzo’s isn’t bad, but could do with minor tweaks.

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It’s mainly the goals/pots and payees that i prefer.
I’m not a huge fan of the pulse that is Starlings home screen.

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Agree completely

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Feed is better on Monzo, useful having it as the first thing that opens as I can quickly check if I’ve ordered too many pints :beers:

Starling does have a nice payee interface

The account screen on Monzo is very busy and just needs some TLC

I like summary on Monzo, but it has its moments where it’s quirky but that’s down to function not looks.

Help is good on Monzo and everything is quite easy to find


Very slow customer support. No option to deposit money. Unable to arrange overdraft.
How can I use Monzo as my bank account without overdraft? Having a lot of Direct Debits.
Sometimes my house payments and loan repayments where taken days before payday so I need overdraft to cover DD payments for couple of days.


I could say the same about Starling

I’ve a 1000£ overdraft with Monzo from day one

To this day I can’t get a penny from Starling