If there was one thing Monzo could add/change what would it be and why?

I would like to see more analysis of budget ie broken down by weekly/daily

To be fair goHenry offers a lot more than what Monzo does. When my daughter is old enough I will probably choose them over Monzo and I’m a huge advocate for Monzo.

The ability to login on multiple devices simultaneously


Live Chat

If they could maybe grow quicker that would be great

That’s a bit ambiguous. In what way should they grow?

Staff wise their numbers have grown as has their ability to generate revenue from the very successful uptake of premium accounts.

Or grow as in allowing more currencies and international transfers which was also done recently.

Happy cake day @ordog!

Not OP, but when I think of how I’d like Monzo to grow faster, I think in terms of products. Right now, their only product category is current accounts, and I’d love for them to run a more fuller suite of the sort of day to day banking needs.

I’m not talking mortgages here, but savings (third party offers don’t count), credit, wealth, and the app itself growing beyond just mobile devices.


Joint account parity…. I know that old chestnut!


Website access to account from PC browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.)


The UX on the pot transfer screen. The one gripe is
If you’re trying to transfer and your balance is below the default (5 quid) it’ll still pre-select 5 instead of the maximum value of the pot/account (3 pound for example)


To add :relieved:
A monthly contest :slot_machine: for active :monzo: customers, where 10x account owners could win £1k :pound: each, on monthly basis :gift:

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I applaud your enthusiasm, but I don’t see a loss making bank doing that any time soon! :sweat_smile:


What would that achieve? Such a low chance of winning I doubt it would entice new customers


Agree. Still, it would only cost them £120k /year :abacus:

Revolut just managed to dedicate (spend) £250k in 4 weeks :scream::pound: (the Point game)

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Yes, chances probably are not the best ones :thinking:, still you never know :grin:

Anyway, people manage to do CASS just to get £125 or less :nerd_face:

How about a birthday/anniversary gift for plus members?

Chocolate bar, anyone?

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Good idea :blush::bulb:

But, I am sure :monzo: would have to set a budget for it which (probably) would not go over £5 per (playable) customer per year :thinking:

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I’d be happy with a kinder bueno! :yum:

No need for that fancy Lindt stuff for me!

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I want one of the Dan’s to wish me happy birthday.


I’d hope they’d get something a bit better than that crap though, that’s the sort of stuff they should send to people whose accounts they’re closing just to let them know Monzo really hates them.

We think you’re a scammer, here have some nasty :chocolate_bar: as a punishment. You’d better eat it all, we know it tastes like :poop:, that’s the point.:fu: