Idea: Let's have a separate section for feedback and one for ideas

Wouldn’t it be better to have a separate section for feedback and one for ideas?
Having just read a rant in feedback which contained no ideas but had a vote button, it would seem sensible to separate the two.

People post in the wrong areas it’s not really that much of an issue in all honesty. There’s already enough categories to be able to post feedback. Plus a random vote button on a feedback post in the grand scheme of things is nothing

I went to like your post, but discovered there was only a vote button.


Votes don’t really mean anything anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

The vote button isn’t why I suggested this. Constructive feedback is often the start of a good idea, but if monzo want customer participation in ideas it would make sense for the ideas section to be separated, whether or not the vote means anything.
Voting was presumably originally placed to garner agreement for an idea, a bonus if it does what it was intended to do but no matter if it doesn’t.

Probably why the two categories are merged together. Otherwise there will be a topic in one category with all the feedback and then the idea will be off in another topic in another category.

It just becomes disjointed by splitting them out. I like to read how feedback developed into ideas because without it you might not see any value in it.

Anyone can participate with vote button there. Just like you are in this very topic :confused: