Central Voting for features?

I do like the fact we can vote for features/discussions but it’s starting to get very messy to find out where to vote.

Is it worthwhile having a controlled place listing the ideas only, so voters can be directed there? Would take some upkeep as I think it would be better if the list was locked down, rather than a free-for-all.

Good idea? Bad idea??

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I feel this should have a vote…


You just click on the “Feedback and Ideas” subheading, and you can see them all.

Although… the whole voting thing isn’t working IMO…

Duplicates and not many votes makes it kinda pointless.


Personally, I think voting is a great idea. It’s an easy way for Community members to tell Monzo what features they want the most en masse.

  • With regards to “not many votes” - the voting feature is still relatively new and people who don’t visit the forum regularly are still getting to grips with how it works. Also, while it’s true that the number of votes currently cast is only a small fraction of the total number of Monzo customers, it still provides Monzo with an indication of which features are actually the most desired which wasn’t present before voting was turned on.

  • Duplicate threads should be merged by members of the coral crew or Monzo community staff (just like they should be merged if voting was turned off).

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I agree that duplicate threads are making the voting process a little messy. However, this could be easily solved:

  1. Coral Crew and Monzo staff merge or lock any duplicate threads.

  2. Community members are reminded to only include one feature request per topic they create to make it easier for people to vote for individual features.

I think locking the list down is a bad idea because it would discourage people from submitting new ideas.

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I guess I just glaze over them, because there are so many, and a lot are quite unique to how that person uses Monzo.

Like I said at the start, I’d much rather see a list of 5 or 10 features that Monzo have committed to, and we get to vote on which ones take priority.

At least then the vote would actually mean something.

I think the majority of “votes” are around the 20/30 mark - The most I saw was 100 (which I doubt even registers on Monzos radar).

Appreciate it’s new, but people don’t seem to be responding to it, and Monzo haven’t seemingly pushed the issue.

The top 10 most voted threads get fed back to the Product Teams every few weeks so the votes do actually mean something: