How to share your ideas with us 💡

Hello :wave:

Welcome to the Monzo Community Ideas board. This is where you can share your latest and greatest thoughts on how we can build the best bank in the world.

We really want to hear your ideas, so here’s a few tips to help you get the most from this area of the forum.

1. Search before posting! :mag_right:

This is really important. Searching for ideas means the board doesn’t end up cluttered with lots of topics on the same idea (which means we’ve got more room for different ones!).

It also means we can see how popular an idea is by counting likes and replies.

2. Give it a catchy title! :tophat:

A category for chocolate! is a perfect title (and not just because I love chocolate). Short, to the point, and imaginative. The better your title, the more people will understand your idea (and find in search which helps with step one!)

3. Include lots of detail! :memo:

Where should your idea live? What is it you’re trying to do, exactly? Which problem is this solving for your financial life?

Really take some time to explain what your idea is. This helps us better understand what you’re after.

Mockups of features can be helpful. But we’ve got a team of designers to handle that side of things already :heart:

4. Spread the word! :speaking_head:

Congratulations, you’ve posted your idea! Time to share it with the world. Pop it on your social media and see what your friends think. And who knows, your little idea could be the next viral sensation…

Ideas that really wow us are shared on our Extraordinary Ideas board. And some day they might even make it into the app. Pots originally began as a Community idea, after all!

We can’t wait to see your ideas! :raised_hands:


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